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HB 2975: Anesthesiologist Assistants Add Value to the Team

HB 2975 would license Anesthesiologist Assistants as part of a physician-led team. New health care delivery system reforms hinge on a team-based approach to patient care. Anesthesiologists have been the leaders by practicing in a team care model for decades. Anesthesiologist Assistants are a welcome addition to the anesthesia team!

Contact your state legislator and ask for their support :

* A physician-led team model of care with flexibility under physician leadership ensures access to cost-effective and high quality health care. 

* The team model of care was found to be the safest compared to working alone. 

* Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA's) are providers that will help ensure that physician-led team based anesthesiology care will be available to all patients in Illinois.

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HB 312, HB 313, SB 625, and SB 642 : Education and Expertise Makes a Difference

 HB 312, HB 313, SB 625, and SB 642 would create a pathway for independent practice for advanced practice nurses. 

Contact your state legislator and let them know :

* Over the years there has been many negotiations between physicians and nurses that has preserved physician-led medical teams. Allowing non-physician practitioners to expand their scope of practice through legislation rather than education and training is neither a good solution nor good public policy for improving access to quality care.

* Physicians have the clinical expertise and training to exercise independent medical judgment. 

* Independent practice for APNs will not increase access to care: The American Medical Association has conducted extensive geographic distribution studies in all 50 states, concluding that nurse practitioners and physicians tend to distribute in the same patterns, regardless of the states' supervisory safeguards on the practice of medicine by nurse practitioners.

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HB 3382: Tell Legislators to Keep Physicians In the Room Where It Happens

HB 3382 seeks to remove the requirement that physicians remain physically present and available during delivery of anesthesia administered by a nurse anesthetist. 

Contact your state legislator and let them know that: 

​* Anesthesia is unlike other care settings, and is particularly different from the primary care setting. It is a complex, high-risk care setting where complications can present quickly that require immediate medical attention to prevent serious injury or death. 

* Physician anesthesiologist prevented 6.9 excess deaths per 1,000 cases in which an anesthesia or surgical complication occurred, according to an independent outcomes study published in the peer-reviewed journal Anesthesiology

* Physician-led medicine can save patients and payers money. A review article in the New England Journal of Medicine cites when a physician anesthesiologist was involved: 

1) medical consultation requests reduced by 75 percent; 

2) cost of laboratory tests reduced by 59 percent; and, 

3) cancellation of operations for medical reasons reduced by 88 percent.

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