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Who We Are

We are a membership organization of Illinois anesthesiologists focused on furthering patient safety and the practice of our discipline through education, representation and advocacy for our members. We also provide our member physicians with opportunities to connect as a community through events and networking opportunities.

Over the past century, physician anesthesiologists have advanced patient safety through innovative research, science and technology advancements. Whether in the operating room, procedure room, intensive care unit or pain clinic, physician anesthesiologists are committed to delivering the safest medical care that every patient deserves before, during and after surgery.

Even though anesthesia is safer than ever, the administration of anesthesia is a complex and technically demanding medical procedure. It requires a physician who has the extensive medical education (up to 14 years) and clinical training (12,000-16,000 hours) to evaluate your medical condition, recommend an appropriate anesthesia plan, diagnose and treat problems that might surface during a procedure, and make critical, split-second decisions that can save your life.

Who is in charge of your life? You have a right to know. Before undergoing a surgical procedure, you need to know who will be providing your anesthesia and ask for your physician anesthesiologist. Be sure your physician anesthesiologist is aware of your prior anesthesia and medical history, as well as any medications you currently take.

For more information visit When Seconds Count.


ISA House of Delegates

ISA is governed by a House of Delegates which is the process we follow to elect officers and formalize a discussion into an action plan. Delegates are elected through a ballot process which has been revised to a self-nomination/registration form. Everyone attending the meeting is asked to bring issues to the meeting that they think deserve attention and get informed. The meeting is typically held in April each year.

The 2023 House of Delegates Meeting will be held on April 22, 2023. Details for next year’s annual event and registration are posted on the Events page. 

Board of Directors

Adamina Podraza, MD, FAAP, FASA

Charles Kim, MD, FASA

Jason Mitchell, MD

Ajay Gopalka, MD, MB, FASA

Alisha Bhatia, MD, FASA

Brian Birmingham, MD

Asokumar Buvanendran, MD

Lisa Solomon, DO, FASA

Adam Young, MD

Michael Haske, Jr., MD, FASA

Michael Ander, MD

Sasha Demos, MD, PHD, FASA



I. Barbara Jericho, MD, FASA
II. Mina Oftadeh, DO, FASA
III. Dean Monma, MD   
IV. John Sudkamp, MD

Pete Pelletier, MD
II. Nakia Hunter, MD
III. Ryan Vealey, MD
IV. James Preipot, MD, FASA


George Hefner, MD


Resident Section

Sara Izzo, MD

Deepali Garg, MD

Jessica Richelieu, MD


Distinguished Service Award in 2022

Scott Jellish, MD

Illinois House of Delegates

ISA District 1 Delegates:
Nisar Akbar, MD
Caitlin Dore, MD
David Glick, MD
Nicole Higgins, MD
Hamad Hussain, MD
Barbara Jericho, MD, FASA
Pete Pelletier, MD
Muhammad Rafique, MD
Sam Satler, MD
Chirag Shah, MD
Lukasz Sobieraj, MD
Meghan Valach, MD
Andrea Vannucci, MD
Peggy Wheeler, MD
Jianzhou Xiao, MD

ISA District 2 Delegates:
Fayyaz Ahmed, MD
Jarva Chow, MD
Marco Fernandez, MD
Michael Haske Jr., MD
Jason Hennes, MD
Nakia Hunter, MD
Robert Husfield, MD
Kathryn Kutlu, MD
Johnny Lee, MD
Legia Mondesir, MD
Michael Nikolov, MD

ISA District 3 Delegates:
Huzefa Ghadiali, MD
Divyang Joshi, MD
Neelam Rozanski, MD
Daniel Short, MD

ISA District 4 Delegates:
Area 4: Brian Mecklenburg, MD
Area 5: Alexander Chaikin, MD
Area 6: William Frame, MD
                Elizabeth Myint, MD
Area 7: Delegate TBA
Area 8: John Sudkamp, MD

ASA House of

Illinois Delegates:
Sean Adams, MD FASA
Asokumar Buvanendran MD
Sasha Demos, MD, PHD, FASA
William Frame, MD, FASA
Maribel Galiano-Goll, MD
Ori Gottlieb, MD, FASA
Michael Haske, Jr., MD, FASA
William Hauter, MD, FASA
Tripti Kataria, MD, FASA, MPH
Charles Kim, MD, FASA
Adamina Podraza, MD, FASA, FAAP
Adam Young, MD

Illinois Alternate Delegates:
Alisha Bhatia, MD, FASA
Wendy Binstock Rush MD
Rebecca Blumenthal, MD FASA
Ajay Gopalka, MD, MB, FASA
George Hefner, MD
Barbara Jericho, MD, FASA
Kathryn Kutlu, MD
Lawrence Mason MD
Mina Oftadeh, DO, FASA
Jamie Priepot, MD, FASA
Lisa Solomon, DO, FASA
John Sudkamp, MD
Peggy Wheeler, MD

P A S T   P R E S I D E N T S

2021‑2022    Brian Birmingham, MD
2020–2021   Tripti Kataria, MD, MPH
2019‑2020    Sean Adams, MD
2018‑2019    Ori Gottlieb, MD
2017‑2018    Gary F. Tzeng, MD
2016‑2017    W. Scott Jellish, MD
2015‑2016    George G. Hefner, MD
2014‑2015    Timothy W. Starck, MD
2013‑2014    Thomas W. Cutter, MD
2012‑2013    Edward Yaghmour, MD
2011‑2012    Eric Werner, MD
2010‑2011    Asokumar Buvanendran, MD
2009‑2010    Ralph Glasser, MD
2008‑2009    Wendy B. Binstock, MD
2007‑2008    Joseph W. Szokol, MD
2006‑2007    John E. Szewczyk, MD
2005‑2006    Usharani Nimmagadda, MD
2004‑2005    W. Stephen Minore, MD
2003‑2004    David M. Rothenberg, MD
2002‑2003    Timothy R. Lubenow, MD
2001‑2002    John Paul McGee, II, MD
2000‑2001    Jeffrey L. Apfelbaum, MD
1999‑2000    Kenneth J. Tuman, MD
1998‑1999    Sandra Drewes, MD
1997‑1998    Steven C. Hall, MD

1996‑1997    Andranik Ovassapian, MD
1995‑1996    Rodney C. Osborn, MD
1994‑1995    Jeffery Vender, MD
1993‑1994    Hugh C. Gilbert, MD
1992‑1993    Gary A. Draper, MD
1991‑1992    Naomi Sidell, MD
1990‑1991    Edward T. Toyooka, MD
1989‑1990    Susan Polk, MD
1988‑1989    Morton Shulman, MD
1987‑1988    J. Perry Jordan, MD
1986‑1987    Behrooz Zahed, MD
1985‑1986    Michael Cristoforo, MD
1984‑1985    Behrooz Zahed, MD
1984‑1984    William Gottschalk, MD
1983‑1984    Herbert M. Epstein, MD
1982‑1983    Bernard Wetchler, MD
1981‑1982    Robert B. Dodd, MD
1980‑1981    Ronald F. Albrecht, MD
1979‑1980    Anthony Ivankovich, MD
1978‑1979    M. Ramez Salem, MD
1977‑1978    Edward A. Brunner, MD
1976‑1977    Henri S. Havdala, MD
1975‑1976    R. Merle Stauffer, MD
1974‑1975    Adel A. El‑Etr, MD
1973‑1974    E. Trier Morch, MD, PhD

1972‑1973    Edward S. Evenson, MD
1971‑1972    Alon P. Winnie, MD
1970‑1971    Raymond Rose, MD
1969‑1970    John F. McKeage, MD
1968‑1969    Max Sadove, MD
1967‑1968    Vincent J. Collins, MD
1966‑1967    Ernest Dewhirst, MD
1965‑1966    Arthur T. Shima, MD
1964‑1965    James A. Felts, MD
1963‑1964    Max Sadove, MD
1962‑1963    Richard Lyons, MD
1961‑1962    Ernest F. Kreutzer, MD
1960‑1961    Harold L. Harris, MD
1959‑1960    Lawrence Ruttle, MD
1958‑1959    Huberta Livingston, MD
1957‑1958    James A. Felts, MD
1956‑1957    Bernard Stodsky, MD
1955‑1956    William O. McQuiston, MD
1954‑1955    Frank M. Grem, MD
1953‑1954    Herman J. Nebel, MD
1952‑1953    Lewis Hitchner, MD
1951‑1952    Bryce K. Ozanne, MD
1950‑1951    Charles Anderson, MD
1949‑1950    William O. McQuiston, MD
1948‑1949    W. Allen Conroy, MD

Lobby Day

Annual event held in March when we canvass the state capitol in Springfield to speak to legislators and explain the perspective of physician anesthesiologists. Anesthesiologists must remain engaged with those who implement the changes that will ultimately affect patient safety. 


Women’s History Month: Recognizing the Leaders Among Us in 2022

In celebration of Womens History Month, the ISA honors our physicians who have made outstanding contributions to the field of anesthesiology.Sasha Demos, MD, PhD, FASA Sasha Demos, MD, PhD, FASA is truly an inspiration and role model to all women physicians. She is...

Black History Month: Recognizing the Leaders Among Us in 2022

In celebration of Black History Month, the ISA honors our physicians who have made or are setting out to make outstanding contributions to the field of anesthesiology.Stephen Estime, MDStephen Estime, MD is an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology & Critical Care...


RothenbergI have been involved with the ISA for almost 30 years and have seen the organization provide outstanding platforms for the education of our constituency, and most importantly, been at the forefront for advocacy in protecting the well-being of our profession.


David M. Rothenberg, M.D. – District 1


BuvanendranThe power of anesthesiologists working together against influences that adversely affect our practice, is priceless. Complaining does not affect change – get involved!


Asokumar Buvanendran, M.D. – ASA Alternate Disctrict Director


HulataPayments and reimbursements are constantly changing. ISA is a great place to know how to prepare as well as shape the future.


David Hulata, M.D. – Disctrict 11


AdamsMy practice had a tedious challenge with EPIC documentation of post anesthesia notes which no one seemed able to efficiently resolve. I called a neighboring colleague that I met at an ISA meeting who already implemented EPIC at their practice. They happily solved my problem in ten minutes which would take hours and numerous emails otherwise. My professional network has grown through the events ISA provides.


Sean Adams, M.D. – District III


TzengThe ISA has been so fulfilling to me and my practice! The ISA has helped my practice strategize for the future through its educational conferences, provided opportunity for me to develop amazing personal and professional relationships, and helped me grow as a physician advocate by providing opportunities and skills to effectively educate legislators about the critical role of physicians and especially anesthesiologists. ISA continues to be invaluable for my professional and personal growth as such a physician and anesthesiologist. My involvement in the ISA allows me the unique opportunity to shape and steer our profession and my future by being a proactive participant rather than a passive audience in today’s changing medical landscape.


Gary Tzeng, M.D. – District III


Distinguished Service Award – presented to those physicians or scientists who have made outstanding contributions to this Society and/or the field of anesthesiology in the State of Illinois.

Nominations for the Award may be submitted by an Active, Honorary, or Life member of this Society to the most recent Past President at least sixty days prior to the annual meeting of the House of Delegates. Current ISA officers are not eligible for selection.

Do you know someone you would like to nominate? Contact us and tell us why at

William O. McQuiston Award
– presented to an outstanding clinical anesthesiologist who has made and communicated significant contributions to the practice of anesthesiology in the spirit of William O. McQuiston, MD.

Ralph Waters Award
– awarded to a physician or scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the field of anesthesiology as a medical discipline in the spirit of Ralph M. Waters, MD. Candidates are selected by the Ralph Waters Commission.