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A Message from the President



The Practice Management Dinners have been a resounding success.Organized by Dr. Sean Adams, ISA VP, and Mary Hines, ISA Executive Director, with financial support from ABC and Merus Management as well as ISA, many members have benefited from the camaraderie and timely information from these dinners.We hope that more of you will be able to enjoy these seminars in the forthcoming year. Our last event in February 2018 featured renowned ASA Practice Management speaker, Amr Abouleish, MD MBA, who spoke about performance metrics. It was a resounding success with outstanding attendance and even more spirited discussions.

Along this venue, ISA is expanding its educational mission by also providing Leadership skill development workshops.Many opportunities currently exist for management-focused topics for physicians but less so for developing the necessary skills to implement management strategies and actually "LEAD."To that end, we have embarked on a series of workshops to assist in developing these types of skills.Our first workshop to assess personal leadership skills was well-attended in September.Our next workshop will focus on negotiation skills on MAY 5th in Schaumburg at the ASA Headquarters. Please join us!

These workshops will also help address some of the concerns regarding the changing landscape in anesthesia businesses that were expressed during the House of Delegates.Additionally in response to these concerns, the Ad Hoc Committee on Hospital Contracts, chaired by Dr. Charles Kim, District 3 Director, has been assembling information & referrals and coordinating a conference of leaders from local anesthesia groups.


With the stewardship of your Board, past Treasurers, and current Treasurer, Dr. Brian Birmingham, ISA has enjoyed a favorable return on its investments and will continue to focus on maximizing returns while mitigating risk.Like any other family, ISA wants to share some of its good fortune with its family—YOU, our member. In coordination with the re-branding campaign, we are currently offering a $100 Amazon gift card reward to active members just for updating their contact information.  You must hurry though as the offer expires April 30, 2018.


As with all successful legislative endeavors, this past year represents a mix of success and compromise:

  • 1.Network Adequacy: While a definition of "adequate" remains elusive, ISMS along with its multiple partners, including ISA, successfully passed legislation that mandates insurers maintain an accurate Network directory with timely updates.
  • 2.Advance Practice Nurse Independence: Beginning in 2018, this compromise provides a pathway for APN independent practice while protecting our patients by clarifying the rigorous requirements.In addition, as recognition of the critical difference in the practice of anesthesia, nurse anesthetists were excluded from this law.
  • 3.Prescription Monitoring Program: In response to the state and national opioid crisis, this compromise spearheaded by our own Dr. Kumar Buvanendram, ASA Alternate Director and ISA Past-President, balances administrative legislation, prescriptive judgment and most importantly, patient well-being.Please note that ALL prescribers must have registered by JANUARY 1, 2018.As the rules have not yet been clarified, we suggest that all anesthesiologists register even if you do not prescribe outpatient narcotics.


Each year brings challenges and opportunities.2018 will be no different—here are some of our anticipated highlights:

  • 1.Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Compact: The APRN Compact legislates that once ten states "sign on", all states that belong to this Compact will honor an APRN's state licensure and rights of that licensure, regardless of the other states' rules and regulations. In other words, the nursing practice rules of a conservative state's license would not apply to an APRN with a very liberal license. This Compact attempts to supersede state nursing licensing requirements and regulations and is a pathway for national APRN independence.Unlike other medical compacts, it does not respect state law.
  • 2.Anesthesiology Assistants:More education will follow the re-introduction of this bill which allows AAs to practice in Illinois.As the development of an Anesthesiology Assistant School looms in our state and as Illinois becomes surrounded by states that allow AA practice, such AA legislation would allow fellow Illinoisans to practice within our state and supplement the anesthesia workforce.
  • 3.Ad Hoc Committee on Pediatric Dental Sedation/Anesthesia:Dr. Wendy Binstock, ISA Past-President, is spearheading a task force to meet with the Illinois State Dental Society, Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists and Illinois Dental Society of Anesthesiology to address safety concerns that have surfaced regarding the risks of sedation/anesthesia for pediatric dental procedures.Please contact us if you are interested in participating.
  • 4.further modifications to the PMP are anticipated but patient safety and physician autonomy remain our primary concerns.

Join us on APRIL 21st in the Chicago office for our annual House of Delegates Meeting as we meet the Candidates for ASA Officers who have traveled from all over the country to meet with us!  We also expect a passionate discussion as the ISA will present a resolution about PHARMA shortages for submission to the ASA--WE WANT YOUR INPUT!

See you soon!
Gary Tzeng, MD
ISA President

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