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SB 3431: Makes Opioid Prescriptions Too Restrictive

SB 3431 seeks to impose many restrictions on opioid prescriptions including duration and amount.

Contact your state legislator and let them know that:

  • Prescribing opioids for our patients cannot be arbitrarily dictated. Not by age or type of pain. Each patient is unique and requires individualized therapy.
  • Our country and our state suffers from an opiate crisis in which prescriptions do play a role. However, creating barriers with arbitrary boundaries will only create more needless suffering and do little to curb our crisis. These arbitrary boundaries are not based upon scientific research.
  • We all need to work together to curb this opiate crisis. But we must do it in a methodical, practical and non-prescriptive manner including but not limited to practical and safe disposal, effective prescription monitoring and prescriber education.
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In 1997 congress passed the Balanced Budget Act (BBA), to replace the Medicare Volume Performance Standard (MVPS), in an attempt to rein in the growth in physician expenditure and healthcare costs. The BBA was designed to ensure that the annual increase in expense per Medicare beneficiary did not exceed the growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and tied physician reimbursement to GDP.

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