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Reflections from the 2018 ISA House of Delegates

Gary Tzeng, MD

What a wonderful weekend!  Those who were able to join us at Sunda on Friday evening for the President's Dinner enjoyed fantastic food, libations and company.  We were fortunate to have distinguished guests from across the country including our next ASA President, Linda Mason MD, join us!  Great conversations and food fueled our spirits as well as our bodies!

We honored Timothy Starck, MD with ISA's 2018 Distinguished Service Award for his work in revamping our HOD meeting during his ISA Presidency.  And of course, I had the opportunity to thank all of our members, ISA Delegates & Alternate Delegates, Executive Director Mary Hines, my partners at Dupage Valley Anesthesia, and most importantly, my family, for helping me achieve a very productive year!  I could not have done it without any of you!

Saturday's House of Delegates was equally spirited and stimulating! Our morning District Caucuses were visited by the Candidates for ASA Offices:
ASA Office of First VP:                      Claude Brunson, MD (MS) & Beverly Philip, MD (MA)
ASA Office of VP Scientific Affairs:
Jeffrey Kirsch, MD (OR) & Andrew Rosenberg, MD (NY)
during which each candidate discussed their qualifications and visions for ASA's future.

Following ASA President-Elect Dr. Linda Mason's enthusiastic and informative update on ASA affairs, we quickly moved on to the business of the House electing our next Officers, ASA Delegates and 2019 DSA recipient, Dr. Eric Werner.

But most significantly, the House expressed its rousing opinions and desires regarding the ongoing PHARMA shortages and passed a Resolution to be presented at the 2018 ASA House of Delegates in SF!!  This Resolution requests specific actions for the ASA to act upon to help address this problem.  This Resolution is significant for its mission AND the first to have originated from Illinois in over 20 years!  We thank Dr. Sean Adams for spearheading this Resolution and look forward to even more passionate discussion from across the nation at the ASA Annual Meeting in October!  Join us in SF and add to the conversation!

And by the way, we accomplished all of this by lunchtime!

Have an idea? Have a common issue that ISA should address? Let us know and come to next year's House of Delegates!​  Speak your voice and play an active part of your future!  OF OUR FUTURE!  Until then, please join us in DC for the ASA Legislative Conference in May and in SF for the ASA Annual Meeting in October!

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