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In 1997 congress passed the Balanced Budget Act (BBA), to replace the Medicare Volume Performance Standard (MVPS), in an attempt to rein in the growth in physician expenditure and healthcare costs. The BBA was designed to ensure that the annual increase in expense per Medicare beneficiary did not exceed the growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and tied physician reimbursement to GDP.

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Advocacy! If you attended the ASA in Chicago in late October, this phrase was utilized continuously. Why get involved, why not let others do the heavy lifting? It was obvious that the leaders of our specialty had a lot of actionable items to deal with. It was also obvious that their decision to raise yearly membership dues came about because of the continuous assault on our practice of medicine by the government, payors, non-physicians, and insurers which could affect the way we practice and cut our reimbursement by 15-20%.

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