•  Practice Management Dinner: November 15  Value vs. Volume: Alex Hannenberg, MD - ASA's Chief Quality Officer

    Practice Management Dinner: November 15

    Value vs. Volume: Alex Hannenberg, MD - ASA's Chief Quality Officer

Latest happenings at the Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists

Get involved, connect with colleagues and discover resources. These events were made just for you. 

ISA knows that the current practice environment is a challenging one, full of difficult decisions and contentious issues. We bring together anesthesiology experts from across the state to collectively develop solutions and advance the future of our practice, so you can focus on patients.
Tuesday, October 23 @ 7 pm - talk with ISA's Lobbyist

Tuesday, October 23 @ 7 pm - talk with ISA's Lobbyist

Join a town-hall style call with ISA's lobbyist to learn how the state's legislative environment may affect your practice. Get your questions answered. This insider's perspective is available to members only.

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Practice Management Dinner

Practice Management Dinner

Quality Measures, MACRA, and Bundled Care: What's Next?
Join the conversation - "Value vs. Volume" with ASA's Chief Quality Officer, Alex Hannenberg, MD

Thursday, November 15 @ 6:00 pm
Wildfire Restaurant, Oak Brook, IL

Connect with colleauges, enjoy dinner, and receive professional advice. Take advantage of this complimentary event for members.

ISA recognizes Anesthesia Business Consultants for its generous sponsorship for this event.

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House of Delegates - April 27, 2019

House of Delegates - April 27, 2019

The House of Delegates is the deliberative body acting as the voice of all members.

ISA held its annual House of Delegates meeting in April. Delages this year heard from ASA President-Elect, Dr. Linda Mason who provided a comprehensive update on ASA activities. The hot topic this year was Illinois' Resolution on the current PHARMA shortages. Leadership will now take your voice to the ASA Annual Meeting in October.

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ISAPAC is a bi-partisan, non-ideological political organization. It supports candidates based upon their positions on issues impacting our specialty. Because the issues that ISA works to address - patient safety, scope of practice, insurance / payor issues, professional liability reform etc. - are not party line issues or ideological issues, supporters of anesthesiology can be found along the entire political spectrum with widely differing views on issues outside of those impacting anesthesiologists.

Where does my contribution go?

*Pro-physician candidates
*Republicans and Democrats
*Incumbents and challengers

All ISAPAC contributions are voluntary and the level of participation changes from year to year, ISAPAC bases its budget upon the contributions it receives. It is able to be more aggressive and participate in more campaigns when contribution levels are high. It is less aggressive and participates in fewer campaigns when contribution levels are low.


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SB 3431 seeks to impose many restrictions on opioid prescriptions including duration and amount.Contact your state legislator and let them know that:Prescribing opioids for our patients cannot be arbitrarily dictated. Not by age or type of pain. Each...
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